About Us

Harkat is an alternative performance & arts space in Versova, Mumbai.

Over the last 3 years we’ve programmed and curated over 300 cutting-edge performances in the form of theatre, contemporary and classical dance and music, independent film and participative contemporary art exhibits. It’s one of the first neighborhood community spaces in the city, housed in a quaint bungalow in the middle of an erstwhile refugee colony. We like to synthesise the beauty of multiple art forms and push experimentation in form, while still keeping our work accessible to the larger public and not compromising on the political or artistic comment we strive to make. We collaborate, curate and programme, bringing art and culture to our neighborhood and open out new audiences for alternative & experimental artists.

Recently, Harkat Studios has been named one of the 10 art hubs redefining performance spaces in India.

In Harkat’s avatar as an alternative arts and performance space, we support, host and curate theatre, music, film and exhibits. It’s a small intimate space which can seat about 60 people and more if they try. Our arrangements with artists are fair, collaborative and as it should be. And going in line with the alternative, our facilities too are basic but professional. Though we are the only space in Mumbai to have 8mm and 16mm projection facilities.

Outside of the curatorial work at our studio, Harkat’s body of work in the realm of our chosen medium of expression i.e. film, ranges from concepts; experimental videos, short drama films and branded storytelling.
If you are want to check out our filmy side, please visit our website on www.harkat.in or our vimeo channel.