Demystifying Classical

Can communication get any more intimate than music? Exactly why we feel that Classical Music doesn’t belong on a distant podium but right in the middle.

Demystifying Classical is an attempt to make the “high art” of Classical music – both Western and Indian – accessible while curating it in its most traditional way according to the time of the day & the year.We invite you to experience different instruments and create your own memory with them. The artists are constantly urged or hosts are included, to guide the audience before each piece, creating a sort of listening session. We believe that once you have spent 2 hours actively listening to a Sarod or a Sitar or a Piano and getting some little inroad into the form, your relationship with these instruments and the music they create will change forever. The curation encompasses a number of seasonal performances that we have programmed, such as Unlyrics and Malhar ke Prakar.

We do it Harkat style – no amp, no mics. Only raw, pure music.
If you are a classical artist from India or anywhere else in the world and you want to share your music in this intimate setting, send us a sample of your work.