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As the name suggests, we do pretty much everything.

The juggling between film and curatorial projects keeps us alive and allows us to regularly create innovative experiences.
It is a model that has made Harkat one of the few independent art spaces that is actually sustainable. We are very lucky to be able to do this and it’s only possible because we are surrounded by amazing artists, who like the ‘hands-on’ feel of an alternative space, a fantastically faithful and growing audience, an array of kind art reporters who feel our efforts are worth talking about and actually dig deeper, and our wonderful assistants who do everything from putting up posters to coordinating dates to coming up with their own ideas! But in all this awesomeness, there is plenty which could be improved and take Harkat and our artists to the next level. This is where you come in!

There are 4 ways you can get involved.

Come onboard as stage-hand
You want to see how performances are done from scratch? You are not to picky to do ‘menial’ work? You don’t mind unconventional working hours?
Then write with your CV to

Become a co-curator

You have a project or piece which you want to bring to Harkat? Or you want us to curate something for you? Then send an e-mail with all the details (kind of project, performance / vernissage date and place, requirements, timeframe) to

Collaborate as film distribution partner
You have a film which you want to release in alternative spaces across the city, and maybe even the country? Then don’t hesitate and send your details (synopsis, cast/crew, reviews, dates) to

Be a sponsor

You are a philanthropist who believes in the work we do? You want to help us reach for the stars and create even more wonderful experiences? Or are you a regular guest who would like to show her/his appreciation? Or you have something which you would like to contribute to the performance space? We love you already! Be so kind and get in touch with

Become a patron
And watch all our shows for free!
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