This is a call to help for Harkat and its work in the arts to survive the closure of the functioning of its space for an indefinite period of time due to the Coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns.

We have been surviving like we are since almost 3 years now and frankly, we have been close to shutting down quite a few times. In this time, we have hosted more than 400 shows (in the forms of film, music, theatre, dance and contemporary art) and have ended up creating a sustainable neighbourhood arts space which is always trying to push boundaries, give artists a home to experiment and push the arts narrative in our country.

That sustainability however has its limits and Mumbai rentals are not going to go away with the virus, nor are the arts going to be part of the governments priorities (which is per usual but specially here and understandably so here). So, we turn to you, to the thousands of people who have attended our shows and exhibitions. No, we are not asking for donations. We just ask you to pre-buy tickets for our shows. You can buy as many and use them for any/ or show up until 2 years of buying.

How to redeem tickets

You can just drop us a message on the Harkat phone or an email at and we’ll reserve tickets for you against your pre-buy.