An exhibit curated by Karan Talwar and realised as part of Curatorial Intensive South Asia 2017 – A fellowship by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi in collaboration with Khoj International Artists’ Association.

First showing at Exhibit 320, New Delhi

Artists: Harsh Raman Singh Paul | Iti Agarwal | Sheba Alexander | Mitwa Abhay Vandana | Michaela Strobel | Suri

‘i’ is a journey curated to come back to oneself, to reflect and to subtly shift the gaze between the outward and the inward, building towards momentary awareness of the Self and the world in which it finds itself.

“To harmonize the whole is the task of art”, wrote Kandinsky in Concerning the spiritual in Art. Reclaiming that task in a contemporary context of identity, the exhibit seeks to transform the gallery into an introspective and meditative space, facilitating the viewer to reflect on various aspects that comprise their idea of Self and identity. The intention of the participatory nature of the exhibits is to encourage the viewer to engage with identity markers in the social, political, spiritual, and material aspects of their Selves.

‘i’ is a pause, an ellipsis, a journey, a question, and possibly, an answer. It looks to disturb, soothe, and understand perceptions directed towards oneself, ones’ contexts, and ones’ place within these contexts.