We strive to question and redefine existing art forms and to be a force that facilitates their cross-pollination to liberate stories from the confinement of space and to innovate and experiment with newer ways of storytelling, to keep renewing ourselves. We welcome theatrewalas, filmmakers, artists, storytellers, performers, and anyone who wishes to endeavour for newer, multidisciplinary forms of expression, to immerse themselves in the ever melting pot that we are. We stand for experimentation and accessibility.

The unending search for our voice and the desire to empower our vision has led us to take a step beyond being an alternative performance space and to venture into newer realms of Theatre production. So far, we’ve produced two theatre pieces, both of which have brought us tremendous joy and have only encouraged us to spread our arms wider to embrace the exploration of newer ways of telling stories we believe, deserve to be told.


Our very first own play, JAM, is a play that merges live projection, sand art, and storytelling in a way that has never been seen before. After an overwhelming premiere at Prithvi Theatre in 2018, and several successful runs across Mumbai, Jam, secured a spot at Old Theatre Festival in Delhi last year.

It’s a story about two college friends, Bina and Surekha, who’ve met after years and are stuck in a car in a terrible traffic jam. With no way out of the jam, they revisit their days back in Darjeeling and the treachery of their current lives. Matters take a sinister turn when Surekha scratches a bigger car. Was it deliberate? Why? In a headless turn of events, past and present merge, mirror and oppose each other.

One decision can change your life forever, even if you believe you have forgotten – others remember…

Written By Annie Zaidi

Directed By Shivani Tanksale

Cast: Shivani Tanksale || Ishita Sharma || Ajitesh Gupta

Animation + Live Design by Debjani Mukherjee

Sound by Ajitesh Gupta

The only kind of Jam we look forward to.


Our second production, Mrs and Marx, is a multilingual documentary theatre piece that gets two migrants to examine a love story from the annals of history. The audience has to witness and participate in the long lost art of communal dreaming which invokes ‘spirits and spectres’ of Jenny and Karl. Inspired by the literature and documentation available on the Marx household, the man behind the revolution, Karl Marx, is seen through the eyes of Jenny Marx, his unrelenting wife, lover, and collaborator exploring her contribution to the revolution, bringing alive yet another woman who has been long forgotten in history.  

While the characters of Karl and Jenny Marx are embodied by the performers, Satchit Puranik of India and Michaela Talwar of Germany respectively, the genre of documentary theatre juxtaposes the performers’ experiences in the present-day context with that of the world of the Marxes, making it all the more relevant.

We opened at NCPA, last year on the 200th birth anniversary of the old man himself and then went to G5A, both playing to full houses. 

Directed and Performed by Satchit Puranik and Michaela Talwar

Scenography Sharmistha Saha Qissa Kothi

Light design Asmit Pathare

Music Kaizad Gherda