Productions on the Virtual Interactive Stage

The Harkat Virtual Interactive stage is a new format of performing online, harnessing the full potential of the internet combined with video technology and film aesthetics. The internet is its own stage. 

A truly ‘for the internet’ platform, where we have retrofitted the Harkat physical space with state of the art capturing and streaming equipment, interactive tools and a technical team on standby. The Harkat Virtual Interactive Stage is a new form of art, a new medium if you will, to audiences and directors alike. It’s not theatre, it’s not film, it’s not a cheap mid-way and it’s not trying to be like anything else.

Supported by the Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai, the Harkat Virtual Interactive Stage launched with 3 productions.

O Gaanewali

Entertaining the nobility of India, her life was different from the other women around her. She had sexual agency, she was financially independent and most importantly- very skilled at her art, her music. History wasn’t on her side and a lot of her life has been left out of the story of India, the story of our rich cultural heritage.

Through traditions, stories, laughter and memories- the show gently nudges you towards the forgotten heritage, the music of the Gaanewalis. Popularly known as Tawaifs, nautch girls, prostitutes, sex workers, the world has forgotten their contribution to the forms of Ghazal, Thumri, Dadra and so on.

This show gave audiences a small glimpse into the musical world of the Gaanewali and the opportunity to speak directly to the performers.

Concept by Avanti Patel

Age of Prison

Our second production on the Interactive Stage, The Age of Prison is a live and interactive theatrical performance that draws heavily from the times we live in. An absurd tale of two prisoners who are stuck in what seems to be a dystopian prison. These prisoners are destined to entertain their Jailor who is keeping a close eye. And the Jailer is you, the audience!

The prisoners play to entertain themselves and their jailor (the audience). They dance, cry, laugh and sometimes fight, all in hopes of breaking out of the prison. Above all, they must try and make sense of their deliberately nonsensical existence, a quandary that lasts for eternity. Unlike them, it’s safe to say that their fate lies in the hands of whoever is watching.

Laced with 21st century anxieties, this absurd comedy questions freedom and images, including yours. Experts might say that the age of Prison comes from a world that seems devoid of meaning. But who listens to experts anymore?

Written and Directed by Ankit Verma


In our first Marathi production, our protagonist, a scientist, visits his village for some work. On his way back, events take a slightly unusual turn and for the life of him, he cannot remember the way back! This is how our story, and his, too, starts unfolding. Such an unnaturally struck oblivion astonishes him and he sets on a quest to solve this mystery. You’ll have to find what lays ahead of him. He’ll ask for your help most certainly, and I hope you’ll answer. He’ll acknowledge it. Where is he? Where is his village? Where is this baffling path going to take him? And where is he taking us with him? His journey will give you the answer, but do you promise to look very closely for it?

Created by Gulmohar Production