Kati Patang: A Monthly Film Festival


Harkat has always considered itself as a third space in the context of showcasing moving images. It’s not an industrial cinema with its obsession with reproducibility or a museum with a similar liking for the art object. Harkat is not an institution but it still uses institutional frameworks coupled with the freedom to break the space and allow it to transform to suit the work and the viewer.

After three years of continuously showcasing and curating diverse film programmes at Harkat, a 16mm film festival in it’s fourth edition and an artists film lab in Mumbai, here is presenting Kati Patang, an ongoing film exhibition festival that simply showcases films that are lost, forgotten and are seekers’ finds. Films that fall through the cracks of the organised and systemic world. The intent is to curatorially approach exhibition, seed a platform for critical discourse and facilitate meaning making in context, production and approach.

Kati Patang is intended to transform itself across spaces, constantly interrogating and disrupting the way one views film. Whether being presented in the Harkat Virtual Cinema or physical spaces on our analog 8/16/35mm and digital projectors, the thrust of the programme will always be to gracefully put a spotlight on the so-called fringe. We want to give these films a context where they can come alive; to let them jump off the screen and into real life in every aspect.

Kati Patang screenings will happen in a physical space as well as in a virtual ‘cinema’, allowing us to facilitate global conversations around films – from virtual Q&A’s involving filmmakers overseas, to the transcontinental audience we had by virtue of an internet platform.

This year, Harkat Studios invites you to submit to our monthly film festival, Kati Patang. We seek submissions by any and all filmmakers. There are no restrictions. If you’ve made a film you think needs to be seen, send it to us!

For Indian makers, we offer free submissions.

Curated by Harkat Studios

Karan Talwar
Sheba Alexander
Simran Ankolkar
Michaela Talwar
Tanya Dixit
Tanvi Chitre