Me & The Other
Performances on Gender

An evening of performance poetry, music, stand-up and readings. Me And The Other is an attempt to open forum for a dialogue on gender. Through performances, music and an art exhibition, we explore ‘Gender’.

It is an important discussion that needs to be triggered more but that doesn’t mean we have to be preachy, where is the fun in that, right? This conversation hits some pretty heavy notes and also very light ones, but the entire effort is to reclaim this conversation out of virtual living rooms on Facebook and bring it in a room full of real people. It’s an effort to have demanding conversations through an easy format, hopefully easing us into subjects we rarely dare to tread. This performance is now in its second edition. The first one addressed issues around feminism, patriarchy and our role in society. In the second edition, artists who identify themselves as cis, trans, non-binary and gay share their artistic experiences.

If you are an artist and have something to contribute to this topic, send us your proposal.

Let’s open some doors in our minds. Let’s become a little more free. Let’s talk.