The Harkat Wohnzimmerkonzert

When a heartfelt song elopes from the singer’s heart straight into your soul, you are at Harkat Studios Wohnzimmer Konzert.

A concert in our living room and for a few hours this is your living room.  surrounded by pillows, in a maze of fairy lights, in a space that feels like yours – just with better acoustics. With a singer-songwriter right in front of you, strumming music only for you. Intimate, pure and absolutely enchanting. Forget the world outside and enjoy music in its most authentic presentation.

The Harkat Wohnzimmer Konzerts is a series of singer-songwriter sessions presented by Harkat Studios. It is currently in its 11th edition.

If you are a musician and want to perform in front of this undistracted audience, send your soundcloud/audio sample over to us.