The Museum of Ordinary Objects

A crack, a stain, an energy; which can never be erased. Ordinary objects carry the marks of our lives with them, they are memory boxes and as they change hands, a new memory gets written over the old one. Objects, in their quiet, unassuming, unexpected way speak of our times and us. The Museum of Ordinary Objects extracts ordinary objects from our everyday life and places them in a democratic museum setting where the curatorial does not dictate the visitor’s interpretation of the collection or their experience of the Museum. In the Museum, Objects share space with handwritten notes. These notes range from intricate memory mapping of the object’s arrival in someone’s life or just one word that the contributor deem suitable to tell the story of the object. It is a safe space where stories are told but tellers remain anonymous. The museum aims to evoke personal & universal stories so that we may look at objects differently; re-approach the perceptions of ordinary & special; and defy the market norms of premium & exclusive.

The Museum of Ordinary Object is a temporary exhibition. Conceptualized and designed by three object loving hoarders based out of Mumbai, India – Choiti Ghosh (Tram Arts Trust), Karan Talwar (Harkat Studios) and Sananda Mukhopadhyaya (Extensions Arts). It was first shown in Mumbai in April 2016. Over the years, the museum has popped up in Studio Safdar Delhi, at 24, Jor Bagh, Delhi (The Gujral Foundation) and it continues to find home in different spaces globally.

This exhibition also travels. If you want us to bring it to your community, kindly get in touch with us.