Chaudhvin Ka Chand

चौदहवीं का चाँद
micro-residencies for theatre makers

An empty theatre is not a theatre. So we want you to come occupy it. Presenting micro-residencies for theatre artists to develop new work. All you need to do is apply with a seed of a semi-developed idea/ thought/ exploration and we lock you into our theatre with all its gadgetry for 14 days. On the 14th night, you present a zero show to a private audience, with a promise of a better run.

The intent of this residency is to kickstart ‘making’, in however small a way. To get minds moving, to get hands on the clay and to gather some strength going forward – that we will be able to follow through on the lives we chose for us. Theatre and the arts is as important for the soul as food. We’re picking up the crumbs, come join us.

Some pointers:

  • Please keep your proposal as concise and simple as possible. It can be unstructured but we’re mostly looking for some clarity in thought and an intent of a constructive exploration – which can translate into a show.
  • Harkat will make available its theatre and all the sound and light tech inside it to the maker.
  • The maker will have to be available for the entire duration of the residency.
  • Please note that this residency is for physical shows and not for the live interactive stage.
  • Harkat will mount a run of live shows on the outcome of this residency.
  • The residency is partly inspired by past and current work & efforts of Sunil Shanbag and Sapan Saran of Tamaasha Theatre, who continue to inspire, always showing a larger, more heartful and even more empathetic picture.